The World’s Best Car Rallies

According to the 2018 issue of the Tempus Magazine, the Worlds Best Car Rallies include:

  1. Rolex Monterey
  2. Targa Newfoundland
  3. Verve Rally
  4. Millie Miglia
  5. Gumball 3000

An extract of the article in Issue 57 follows: 

“If you love cars and crave adventure, there are few better ways to combine the two than by taking part in an epic road trip with a bunch of like-minded petrolheads.

– Says Scott Manson of Tempus Magazine.

How do you see the world without feeling like a typical tourist, and combine the triple of fast cars and awesome parties in one trip? You need to investigate the heady world of the car rally.

Put to one side the perceptions of auto loving bores, who gather at the end of each day to talk gear differentials and the difficulty of sourcing the heritage paint hues, and instead get ready for a selection of bragging-right guaranteed ultimate drives in the company of people who love partying as much as they love the latest GT / Supercars.”

Read the full article here >>

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