Give it your best shot

Verve Rally’s Spring Social at Holland & Holland Shooting Grounds promised an afternoon of fun whilst shooting some clays.

Ready to call the shots was this incredible group, who dreamt up some unusual team names – Red bulls, Orange Bang Bang, Blue on Blue, The Green Goblins and High Voltage. An afternoon at the shooting range was an opportunity for some to learn how to shoot, whilst for others, it was honing their shooting skills. Amongst other things, we discovered an original cannon of Napoleon’s in the middle of the shooting grounds which is thought to be dated to 1756 and is believed to have a twin sister sitting at the Isle of Man.

This event was sponsored by Weald Wealth Management who provide a bespoke and highly personalised wealth management service whilst keeping in mind both one’s lifestyle and financial goals. A fun afternoon outdoors – we’ll let the photos tell you the rest.

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