[vurv] noun
meaning: zest; enthusiasm or vigor; liveliness

Verve Rally Logo - whiteLaurels represent victory and the sun god.

Our modern day take on it is that they represent accomplishment and the summer. A time for us to celebrate and enjoy the warmth. Although we love laurels, we don’t believe in resting on them.

Breathtaking scenery, carefully chosen routes, luxurious living and a few hours drive a day, this rally is not a race.

A place for peers to connect, couples to rekindle their love and for all to share the magical moments of travelling across Europe.

We remain grateful beings. Each Verve Rally raises money for a charitable cause. We contribute, we collaborate and we co-create memories to last a lifetime.

The spirit of verve is in it’s meaning and we’ve designed it around six elements that you’ll love. Verve Rally is the perfect holiday for both men and women alike, without compromises.

The video clip below gives you a little glimpse into the Verve Rally.

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