Verve Rally @ Tesla Motors Oxford St

When it comes to innovation, Tesla Motors are champions – the world’s first fully electric and battery generated car that changed all our perceptions that ‘electric’ needn’t mean a compromise on performance. 

It has no sound and no engine, instead it has a silent electric motor on each axle (much more room for your golf clubs and gym bag, we learnt it will even accommodate your push bike in the boot).

Verve Rally was delighted to host an exclusive event for Verver’s at the new Tesla Showroom in Oxford Street last week over canapés and drinks.

Ververs got a chance to connect with some of the Tesla crew and meet Tesla owners with first-hand experience of taking it on the 7 country Verve Rally in August this year.

They also got a chance to be driven in the latest Tesla Model S 70D or P100D, experiencing some of the acceleration the car is capable of (0 to 60mph in 2.5s) with a quick burst down Park Lane.

The Tesla Model S is a great car for one of our 2017 car rallies. Both routes are Tesla friendly. Take a look here

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