Unveiling the routes for 2019

Verve Rally adventures continue this time at the LIBRARY Members Club – a luxurious space with eclectic design in the heart of London’s West End.

Guests and Ververs (Verve Rally participants) came together on a winters evening to explore the new routes for 2019.

The evening featured an Opera performance by Harry Kersley including the classic “Nessun Dorma” made famous by the late Pavarotti.

Unveiling the GT/Supercar holiday route on the night was Darshana Ubl, the co-founder of Verve Rally who shared the essence of the journey with Verve Rally. Later she was joined by co-founder Marcus Ubl who shared his passion for performance cars.

The evening involved new connections, prizes, surprises and making travel plans for the year ahead.

For more about the route, please see http://www.ververally.com or enquire via hello@ververally.com

Below you can find a collection of photos captured on the night:

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