Supercars and Super Memories

A luxury GT/Supercar rally to Snowdonia.
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ
McLaren 570s
Honda NSX
Bentley continental GT
Mustang Shelby 
Camero ZL1
Maserati GTS
Aston Martin DB11
Ferrari F12
Porche 911

Dynamism, spirit and passion. That’s Verve. Since its inception in 2016, Verve Rally has torn through nine European countries, breaking boundaries and cementing friendships. Challenging convention and making unforgettable memories. When asked about why she chose the name Verve, Co-Founder, Darshana Ubl explains.

“The key aspects of a supercar, road trip holiday are gorgeous handpicked roads, stunning five-star hotels, bespoke events and activities and, most importantly, the positive energy and enthusiasm of our guests. All that remains is for us to stir these ingredients together, adding just the right amount of flair and charisma. And Verve.”  

Verve Rally is not a race. It’s not a timed event in any way. It’s an epic journey with likeminded people who appreciate the power of the moment and understand the importance of a unique experience. As Verve participant and now firm friend, Cheryl so eloquently states:

“It’s a fantastic adventure. I thought it was going to be once in a lifetime but I can’t wait to do it again.”

Verve is also the world’s only carbon-neutral rally. Its partnership with the Plant A Tree Today (PATT) Foundation ensures that privilege never gets in the way of principles. Carbon emissions for each rally are calculated using fuel consumption and funds are then donated to PATT who plant, water and care for the trees, to create the offset.

 “One of the world’s best car rallies.” – Tempus Magazine

With most of this year’s rallies sold out, the final slots remain for September’s Verve Rally Italia. Imagine luxuriating in the birthplace of the Renaissance before navigating the world heritage Val d’Orcia and cruising along cypress-lined streets, stunning olive groves and luscious vineyards, all with the top down, in a howling, achingly beautiful Lamborghini Huracan Spyder. 

Looking forward to 2020, favourite routes return, tweaked and re-engineered while some magnificent, uncharted territories lay waiting. 

First up is Verve Rally Snowdonia via Stratford-upon-Avon (May 2020). Starting from London, one of the world’s most colourful cities, guests will navigate their way, using a preprogramed GPS route planner, to Shakespeare’s Birthplace for a sumptuous lunch and tour of the historical birthplace before heading into the stark, mesmerising beauty of the Welsh National Park. This western coast corner of the British Isles is famous for its medieval castles and its driving enthusiast roads. With overnight stops at picturesque Lake Vyrnwy as well as the otherworldly, Euro-village of Portmeirion, this UK-based adventure is topped off by a 100mp/h, 1.5km long zip-line adrenaline rush. Throughout the three-night, four-day holiday, me-time moments and dance-till-you-drop parties also receive due consideration. 

Start line Snowdonia Rally - McLaren 570S Spider

Remember, with Verve, all of our trips are hassle free, fully pre-planned and expertly staffed. Your luggage is transported, your dietary requirements are noted and your company is treasured. Verve Rally participant, Malcolm recently said:

“Verve Rally exceeded my expectations in every way.” 

Our newcomer, Verve Rally Adriatic explores Croatia and surrounding countries. Adorned with over 1000 islands, the magical Adriatic has been described as the bathing pool of the gods. And, in true Verve style, the roads leading us there will weld memories into your soul that will be cherished forever. The eye-watering beauty of Croatia and dazzling mountain passes will be punctuated by some of the finest restaurants in the region while your evenings will be primed and pampered in five-star hotels. So dramatic is the town of Split that it was used, in no small part, as a filming location for the world’s most loved TV drama, Game of Thrones. The craggy coastlines and 16thcentury walls of Old Town in Dubrovnik will leave an exquisite, indelible mark.  

Look out for bookings for this 2020 summer supercar spectacular later this year!

If you want to bring your own supercar or GT, your vehicles can be transported to and from the event. Or if you would like to take something a little different on a trip like this Verve Rally has a to-rent list that will dazzle your mind and make your heart race. Choose from a stunning array of some of the most desirable GT  and Supercars currently on the road. Top of the line models are available from Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Aston Martin, Porsche, Bentley and many more. Verve Rally’s other mastermind and co-founder, Marcus Ubl, concludes: 

“Remember, we didn’t create these experiences as a getaway from something, we design each of them to help you remember everything – who you are and why you’re here.” 

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