When conversations flow like wine…

Looking back at last year’s Verve Rally Italia, we had the pleasure of a guided tour of the vineyard Podere Forte situated in the heart of Tuscany, with the compliments of Pasquale Forte.

The design of the beautiful building stems from a collaboration between architect Zambelli and Pasquale Forte “The Conductor” at Podere Forte.

Our gracious host was Giovanni Mazzoni, whose knowledge and passion for Podere Forte and the beautiful landscape it resides in was welcoming after a scenic day of driving, where we fell in love with Italy, all over again.

A quick rest stop where guests got to enjoy a glass of wine (more than a glass for those not driving).

Laid out was a generous spread of cut meats and cheeses from the land paired with the Guardiavigna, Vintages 2014 and 2015 and Petrucci 2016 Anfiteatro sparkling wine.

The perfect way to end what had been a dreamy Verve Rally day in Italy.

For more details of the incredible wine we tried

  • Guardiavigna, Vintages 2014 and 2015: €95,00 / bottle. This is the Cru of Cabernet Franc with a small addition of Merlot and Petit Verdot.
  • Petrucci 2016 Anfiteatro: €201,00 / bottle.

For further details please contact Giovanni Mazzoni, Sales and Marketing Director at Podere Forte.

Telephone +39 05778885135 Mobile +393482485320.

Learn more about the incredible people and family behind Podere Forte here

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