Supercar fun with real ‘connections’

On 29th May, Verve Rally hosted an evening over drinks and canapés at the award-winning private members club Home House in London. Based in historic townhouses, the club provided the right ambience for the evening.

The fully subscribed event presented an opportunity for the guests to mingle and also delivered some insights of what the rallies are all about.

There was a special performance by a Flamenco artist to give a teaser of what’s to come on the Spanish Rally.

What was established through the interactions of the guests is that the car rally is not just about the supercars, or the luxurious hotels, or the travel to exotic destinations … it’s about ‘real connection’ with like-minded people.

The event was supported by one of UK’s leading insurance brokers R. K. Harrison. We have included some of the photos for your viewing pleasure:

Verve Rally 2018 routes:

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European Grand Tour – September 2018 – See more

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